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Kitchen knives & cutting

Eden Classic Damast kitchen knives: quality and elegance

Our Eden Classic Damast kitchen knives are the perfect symbiosis of quality and elegance. The AUS-10 core is placed in between multiple layers of damasteel. The black handle seamlessly finishes the whole. Made from a composite of linen and synthetic resin and attached to the 'full-tang' blade with three classic rivets. Stunning and functional!

Using the entire blade

While cutting you can use the entire length of the razor-sharp blade. It is the result of the fact that there is no thicker part in between the handle and the blade. This is also great when sharpening your knife. Sharpening the Eden Classic Damast knives is easy, especially for knives with a relatively high carbon content (1.05).

Wash by hand

It is best if you clean the kitchen knives from the Eden Classic Damast collection by hand. A dishwasher could affect the steel and the handle. Detergent affects hardened steel and plastics and could leave you with rust on the blade and dull handles. We recommend you never put your Eden knives in the dishwasher.

25-year warranty

We are convinced of the quality of our Eden kitchen knives. It is why we offer a 25-year warranty on material and production flaws!