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Zwilling Diplôme kitchen knives: designed for and by demanding chefs

The Zwilling Diplôme kitchen knives were developed in cooperation with world-famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu. The result is a collection of top-quality kitchen knives, made in the Miyabi factory in Seki Japan. German decency, French finesse, and Japanese craftsmanship: it all comes together in the Diplôme collection.

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Characteristics of the Zwilling Diplôme products

Rock-solid, stainless steel blade

You immediately notice the way the contours of the edges of the Zwilling Diplôme knives were treated. This edge makes each knife look remarkable and graceful. It looks like two types of steel come together, while the blade is made from one type of steel: FC61. A stainless and rock-solid type of steel, mostly thanks to the FRIODURx2 ice-hardening process. Because the crop is left out you can use the entire cutting surface. Both when cutting and sharpening. These knives are enhanced with a razor-sharp edge with a limited sharpening angle as the result of the traditional Japanese Honbazuke style of sharpening. During this process each knife is sharpened and stropped in three stages. As such the blade is sharp from the tip to the heel.

Maintenance-friendly plastic handle

The ergonomically-shaped handle of the Zwilling Diplôme knives seamlessly merges with the blade. The handle is shaped as such that it feels comfortable in hand, even during long-term use. It is made from maintenance-friendly material. The full-tang construction and the three rivets make the handle look timeless. As a finishing touch you can find subtle blue lines on both sides of the tang. A stunning detail that refers to Le Cordon Bleu.

Zwilling Diplôme maintenance

The Zwilling Diplôme kitchen knives are not dishwasher proof. It is best to wash them by hand. As such the handle will stay in great shape and the blade won't quickly become blunt.