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Four must-have kitchen tools

The fact that a good set of pans and a sharp chef’s knife are indispensable is something we don’t have to explain. And what about a good cutting board! But often the small things in life make cooking so much more fun and easier. For that reason we have listed four indispensable kitchen accessories you might sometimes overlook.

1. Kitchen scissors

Did you know there are a lot of differences between regular scissors and kitchen scissors? With the latter you can do a lot more than you might think. For many tasks in the kitchen scissors are an excellent alternative for a kitchen knife – sometimes scissors are even better!

Often one of the two blades has a finely serrated edge, for additional grip. You could, for instance, use kitchen scissors to cut herbs and vegetables into very small pieces. But what about removing the scales of fish or cutting chicken? And with special game scissors you can even cut through the bones!

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2. Grater

Cheese to complement your pasta dish? Chocolate flakes to finish off your homemade coconut cake? A salad with little pieces of carrot or apple? You could, of course, purchase these items in any grocery store. However, you could also grate them! Fresher, cheaper, artisanal and so much fun!

By grating your own cheese, lemon, orange peel, carrot, apple and many more different products, you will definitely feel like a chef. It will make the meal you have put your blood, sweat and tears in a tad more professional. In addition, you can grate the product as thin as you would like, while pre-grated products often only come in one ‘size’.

There are specific graters for specific products – for instance for hard cheeses or chocolate – but with a universal grater you will also go a long way. They are available in many different shapes and sizes. We are big fans of the Microplane cube grater!

3. Spiral slicer

Let’s get one thing straight first: you don’t only use a spiral slicer when you are adhering to a strict low-carb diet. In many kitchens the spiral slicer has become a valued tool. This relatively new kitchen tool turns eating vegetables into an amazing experience!

A spiral slicer cuts vegetables (but also fruit) into julienne-shaped strips. As a result you could, for instance, transform courgettes into spaghetti, without your children (or you) knowing that they are eating vegetables. For the difficult eaters it is absolutely an indispensable tool! The spiral slicer ensures that you get the vitamins you need without noticing it. In addition, vegetables – when compared to, for instance, pasta – contain slow carbs. As a result you won’t experience that after-dinner dip. 

With the graceful strips you could, for instance, also make the most delicious salads. Or garnish your dishes with strips of carrot, cucumber or courgette and your guests will be hungry the moment they see it.

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GEFU Spirelli spiral slicer

4. Peeler

Do you also always throw out half your potatoes after you have removed the skins with your peeling knife? Having difficulty cutting thin strips of cucumber? Take it from us: you are definitely not the only one. A peeler will definitely be the perfect solution!

Peelers are available as y-shaped tools with which you peel vertically, and straight like a knife, to peel horizontally. They have been enhanced with an incredibly thin and razor-sharp edge (mind your fingers!), with which you only remove the peel of a potato or cut the thinnest vegetable slices you have ever seen. As a result you will never lose unnecessary vitamins and minerals. 

In addition, peeling products with a peeler is a lot safer and easier then when you are using a peeling knife. And how about aesthetics: a neatly peeled potato looks a whole lot better than an angular one, right?

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5. de Buyer Ultra Revolution Mandoline

This is our absolute favourite tool: this mandoline is tough, solid and versatile. The stainless steel frame is rock-solid and easy to clean. Slices, wafers, cupes, strips or diamond-shaped: this mandoline can do it all. The only limit is your own imagination.

This Ultra Revolution mandoline is enhanced with a remarkable system to cut cubes and squares. The 'hat' you use to guide the product can be rotated. By using this cleverly you can easily cut cubes or squares. The manual explains it all. It cannot go wrong.

Because it is so versatile you can use this de Buyer Revolution Mandoline for almost every dish you prepare. It is an absolute must-have for in the kitchen!