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DMT: the manufacturer of diamond sharpening stones

DMT Diamond Machining Technology Logo

DMT has a very simple objective: manufacturing the best sharpening stones and -systems based on diamond. In the course of several decades this resulted in a wide collection of sharpening tools which can be used by everyone, from beginner to experienced sharpener, to sharpen for example a knife or chisel into a razor sharp condition. 

The very recognisable pattern met coloured circles returning in many sharpening stones, makes a DMT-sharpening system to be very recognisable while it is also very functional in the meantime. It takes care of a cleaner and more efficient sharpening process.

Sharpening with the proper sharpening angle

An experienced sharpener will be perfectly capable of sharpening out of the hand on a DMT-sharpening stone. Do you have trouble finding the correct sharpening angle? For this situation, DMT has sharpening systems with which you shall sharpen quickly and constantly in the proper angle. Moreover, the complete system is compact and inexpensive whilst always sharpening on real diamond. 

Best quality diamond stones

The one diamond sharpening stone will not be the same as the other one. The stones of DMT are part of the sharpening stones with the highest density of diamonds per square centimetre that exists. Obviously the distribution of the diamonds is very even. This is very important for a constant sharpening result. Furthermore, the stones are completely flat. With these characteristics the sharpening stones distinguish themselves from the imitations that are also offered. 

International recognition

Obviously DMT stands behind its products completely. Hence the excellent warranty conditions. The recognition for DMT also shows from the several awards these sharpening products have won. A few examples: the International Spard Design Award, the International Practical World Exhibition Prize and the Blade Magazine Accessory of the Year Trophy.