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Shapton sharpening stones: superior Japanese sharpening stones.


Shapton sharpening stones are among the best Japanese whetstones around. Razor-sharp knives in lightning speed with these awesome stones. The Shapton stones are special because of the smooth material removal. The sharpening process goes relatively fast because of this.

Shapton are known for the homogeneity of the abrasive material. On average, the abrasive particles in the stone are uniform in size and shape. This makes the end-result even, which is a big plus for people that sharpen meticulously.

Shapton Glass Stones: sharper than glass

The Shapton Glass Stones sharpen quickly and evenly. The name suggests that the glass sharpens, which actually is not the case. Each stone is made up of a tempered glass plate on which the stone is confirmed. It prevents the stones from bending and makes sure you can use them until the very end. Even when they thin out after years of use.

Shapton Pro Stones: colourful whet stones

The Shapton Pro Stones are the thickest sharpening stones made by Shapton. These ceramic wet stones are also known as Ha-No-Kuromaku. The stones are relatively hard and remove a lot of material. Splash & Go, so cover it with a little water and you are ready to go. The Pro Stones are delivered with a protective case which can also serve as a base. Available in many colours and grain sizes; from coarse to very fine.