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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Nano-Oil by StClaire: lubricant on steroids

Nano-Oil lubricates moving metal parts like no other. Whether it concerns pocket knives, multi-tools, hinges, ball bearings, bicycle gears or firearms: with Nano-Oil they run smoothly again. As the name suggests, Nano-Oil uses nanotechnology. These lubricants contain microscopic particles that act as ball bearings.

These ‘Nano Bearings’ are only 0.090 micron in size. Because of this, Nano-Oil does not only lubricate well on day 1, it will continue to lubricate even after it has dried. An advantage is that when it has dried it won’t attract any dust. Great when you are carrying a pocket knife in your pocket on a daily basis. Nano-Oil has been used for many years for many different industrial purposes. From lubricating ball bearings in factories to keeping pistons in diesel engines running. Engineers have already called Nano-Oil WD40 on steroids.

Special qualities

Nano-Oil doesn’t only lubricate, it also protects against rust. In addition, it can handle very high temperatures and extreme pressure. It can also be used as a lubricant when drilling or sawing through metal. In fact, Nano-Oil can be used for all purposes where metal to metal contact must run smoothly. You only need a couple of drops to end up with perfect results.

Nano-Oil doesn’t contain: silicone, PTFE resin, graphite, molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), teflon, copper, lead, silver and no metals or harmful solvents.

Different thicknesses

Nano-Oil is supplied in different varieties of viscosity. Each version has its own purposes. All these different "weights" can easily be combined in order to achieve a thickness of your own preference.

Nano-Oil 5W

This is the thinnest and most liquid of the three. It is ideally suited as crawling oil, for use with rusted hinges or stuck pocket knives and multi-tools. This is the crawling oil that no other product can compete with.

Nano-Oil 10W

Nano-Oil 10W is slightly thicker than the 5W but the most versatile version. It can be used to lubricate flashlights, locks and bicycle chains. Not sure which version you need? If not the 10W is probably the best choice.

Nano-Oil 85W

The 85W Nano-Oil is the thickest version. Great for lubricating and keeping (semi-)automatic firearms lubricated. Because of its thickness it is very suitable for applications where long lasting lubrication is desired.


Nano-Grease can be used as bearing grease. Pocket knives that run on ball bearings are even easier to open with a small blob of Nano-grease on the ball bearings.