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Shapton Glass Stones HR: sharper than glass

The Shapton Glass Stones sharpen quickly and evenly. The name suggests that the glass sharpens, which actually is not the case. Each stone is made up of a tempered glass plate on which the stone is confirmed.

It prevents the stones from bending makes sure you can use them until the very end. Even when they thin out after years of use. In addition, you can start sharpening immediately. A splash of water on the stone and let the sharpening begin! You do not need to soak the stones. The Shapton Glass Stones-series offer many benefits!

Shapton Glass Stones: the finest sharpening

Another advantage is the wide choice of grain sizes in the Glass Stones-series. A coarse grain 220 for re-shaping an edge, to an impressive 16,000 grain for polishing. This is about the only whetstone that goes this high in grit. Stones from the Glass Stones-series can handle the modern powder steels as well. An important feature because steel types like M390, CTS-204P, 20CV and S90V with a hardness above HRC 60 are becoming more and more common.

Why is the glass plate attached to the Shapton Stones?

The stones are mounted on a glass plate for several reasons. The main advantage is that the stones will not warp. Also, they won’t be affected by changes in temperature. The glass also makes sure you can use the whole stone right until the end. Even when after years of sharpening there’s only a small piece of stone left, the glass makes sure you can still use it to sharpen.

Shapton Glass Stones HR vs HC

There are two different series of the Shapton Glass Stones. There’s the HC series and the HR series. The HC series is a bit softer than the HR. Because of this the HR series is better suited for harder steel types and powder steels. Obviously, the HR series sharpens a bit more aggressive than the HC series. Shapton indicates that the HC-stone can be used for carbon steel blades, but our experience is the HR series will do fine as well.