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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Kai Michel Bras kitchen accessories

The Kai Michel Bras kitchen accessories are developed with passion and exceptional techniques. As a result these accessories are perfect for both professional and amateur chefs!

Because of the combination of extreme precision, excellent functionality and great ergonomics these tools feel like they weigh next to nothing. All ingredients are neatly cut, peeled or grated. Each part of this collection offers you the highest quality in terms of user friendliness with its own unique character.

Michel Bras: French king of the kitchen

With his three Michelin stars Michel Bras is one of the most succesful and most famous French chefs. His cooking style is described as simple and elegant, but filled with variation and creativity. Michel Bras was born in the French city of Laguiole which can be found in the Aubrac region. In this region you can find the roots for the success that Michel Bras achieved. The traditions and beauty of this place inspired Michel Bras. He taught himself how to cook and he came up with his menus as he walked through the woods of Aubrac. It is not that surprising that his first restaurant was opened in Laguiole, Aubrac. His family also plays a prominent role in his life as a chef. His son, Sebastien, has been functioning as his right hand for years and is his future successor. Like Michel was taught by his father, Sebastien learned about cooking the same way. Ever since 2002 he and his son are also running a restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan. With it Japan also became a part of the life of Michel Bras. This part became a lot bigger in 2008 when Kai and Michel Bras decided to work together.