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Grill pans | For that authentic taste

A grill pan is ideal when you want to prepare vegetables or meat with an authentic grill flavor. You typically use a grill pan without oil or butter. The product sears shut and thereby separates itself from the pan.

Would you like to buy a grill pan by de Buyer, Le Creuset, Petromax, SCANPAN or Staub? We have got them all! We can also supply them in cast-iron or for induction cooking.

Grill pans and induction

Many grill pans are not suitable for induction because the bottom does not make contact with the heat source enough, or is not magnetic. However, we sell grill pans that work great on an induction cook plate. When it is suitable for induction we mention it specifically. So you can also enjoy grilling with an induction cook plate.

Grill pans with non-stick coating

Grill pans are available with and without non-stick coating. A grill pan usually heats to an enormous heat. A non-stick coating often cannot take this. In addition, with an the coating it is also not possible to put the pan in the oven. It can ruin the non-stick coating. A grill pan without non-stick coating is a very good alternative. In this pan the product sears shut and does not stick to the pan itself anymore. It also leaves a nice grill taste and that’s what it’s all about of course!


Cast Iron Grilling

Isn’t it a sight for sore eyes, a beautiful cast iron grill pan made by Staub or Le Creuset? But how do you use one? You use a grill pan for grilling meats, vegetables or fish at a high temperature. Cast iron evenly heats up and can withstand very high temperatures. The surface of a grill pan is comprised of straight ridges. It is important that the height of these ridges is just right. The moisture and fat that is released from the product you are grilling is caught in the space between the ridges. If the ridges are too low the product will come into contact with moisture and fat. It takes some getting used to but in the end you will end up with delicious meals.