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Casserole: indispensable for slow cooking

A casserole is an indispensable pan in any kitchen. You can use a casserole to make sure a product or dish cooks properly. It is therefore key that the heat in the pan is properly distributed. For that reason casseroles are often made from cast-iron or a combination of steel and aluminium.

Cast-iron retains the temperature for a long time and slowly releases it. This can be either a high or low temperature. Perfect when cooking a dish where you do not desire a quick and high peak in heat. A cast-iron casserole is also great when keeping dishes cool in the refrigerator or freezer. Once cooled the pan could, for instance, be used as a serving dish on hot summer's day. If you often opt for a shorter cooking time, an aluminium or stainless steel casserole is also a good option. Especially because they are often also a lot lighter in terms of weight.

If you are looking for the best casserole we have got you covered with, for instance, Le Creuset, but also with pans from de Buyer, Combekk, Demeyere, Fissler, Scanpan, Staub and Zwilling.

A good casserole

A casserole usually has a round or oval shape. The pans are large. That is necessary to make sure large pieces of meat have enough room in the pan. Most casseroles are enhanced with two handles to make sure you can easily lift the pan. It is important because most casseroles are heavy, especially the cast-iron versions.

A good casserole is made from thick material to make sure the heat is properly distributed and retained. However, a good casserole shouldn't only be enhanced with thick walls, it should also come with a heavy lid. Otherwise the retained heat will still easily disappear because the lid is too thin. For that reason you should always pay attention to the materials used when purchasing a casserole. At Knivesandtools you will only find top-quality casseroles.

Roast, simmer and stew with a casserole

Roasting is also called stewing, braising or simmering. The products are first roasted on a high temperature after which they slowly cook at a low temperature. The temperature needs to remain below boiling point. Otherwise your dish will dry out. A casserole is in this case the best pan.