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Wok: indispensable in Asian cuisine

wok is essential when you’re into Asian cuisine. Generally, a wok is a bit larger than a regular frying pan.

A wok is also a bit more round which makes it easy to move products around in the pan. This is a must since you generally use the wok on a very high temperature. We have wok pans of all the famous brands. Would you like to buy a good wok? Then you have come to the right place, because we stock a lot of wok!

The best wok

A good wok spreads the heat evenly and helps you to products moving inside it. A non-stick coating often cannot take the high heat you need while using the wok. If you are using the wok properly, the product does not even get the chance to burn or stick to the bottom surface. A carbon steel wok, cast-iron or steel wok without non-stick coating works best. Why go out to wok when you can perfectly do it at home as well?