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Robert Herder Buckels knives

Robert Herder Buckels knives are the typical German breakfast knives with a rounded tip. Ideal for cutting salami, cheeses and hard rolls. Also perfect for smearing butter. These breakfast knives are available in many different wood types. Olive wood, plum wood, cherry wood and many others.

A suitable for every type of interior. When you mix it up everyone at the dinner table can have their own knife with separate wood type! Beautiful knives for a well-decorated table!

The Origin of Robert Herder Buckels

The blade shape of the Buckels knives hasn’t changed for over 140 years. Originally it stems from the German countryside. The combination of a thinly sharpened blade with the round shapes makes Buckels knife great for both cutting as smearing. The thin blade also leaves the inside of a hard roll intact. These knives look great and are awesome at what they do!

Robert Herder Manufactur, Solingen

Robert Herder knives are not created in a factory, but in a relatively small-scale work place. Pretty much everything is done by hand. This makes the delivery times sometimes slightly longer than those of competing brands that work from a factory.