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Tojiro Shippu DP63 Black kitchen knives: traditional Japanese craftsmanship with a tough

Tojiro Shippu DP63 Black kitchen knives are a variation of the popular Shippu series. These knives also feature the impressive damascus-steel blade, but differ with their dark iron-oxide blade finish. The handles of this series are made from burnt chestnut wood with a bolster of black polypropylene. These kitchen knives are part of Tojiro's more high-end range. The name 'Shippu' means 'fast, strong gust of wind'. A fitting name for kitchen knives that cut through your ingredients like a breeze.

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Features of Tojiro Shippu DP63 Black

Shippu DP63 Black blade

The Shippu DP63 Black kitchen knives get their name from the damascus-steel blade that consists of 63 layers of steel. The core is made of VG10 steel, with 31 layers of damascus steel on either side. This ensures a strong and flexible blade that looks beautiful without compromising on cutting performance. Because these knives have more layers of damascus steel than most, the knives from the Shippu DP63 Black series have an extra intricate pattern. Unlike the gray blade of the Shippu DP63 series, the Black series has a dark iron-oxide blade finish. This finish protects the blade even better from external influences such as moisture.

Shippu DP63 Black handle

The handle is made of chestnut wood with a bolster made from black polypropylene. The burnt chestnut wood has a stunning dark colour. The black bolster perfectly matches the handle and blade finish. The handle has a traditional Japanese D-shape. This means the handle is asymmetrical and therefore fits extra snugly in the palm of your hand. It's a typical Japanese feature!