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Due Cigni scissors: for your kitchen or studio

At Due Cigni they believe that one pair of scissors cannot be used for every purpose. That is why they produced different types of scissors. Think of kitchen and household scissors, game and poultry scissors and special fabric and tailor's scissors. Due Cigni (two swans) is a traditional, Italian knife manufacturer that has been producing top-quality kitchen knives, shears and saws for over hundred years.

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Features of Due Cigni scissors

Kitchen scissors are used most often in an average household. With kitchen scissors you can cut paper, herbs, aluminium foil, yarn and more. Do you want to cut through bones? If so, game and poultry scissors are the answer. If you want to cut fabric, it is best if you use tailor's scissors. Tailor's scissors were specifically designed to cut through fabric without causing frayed edges. The two eyes are often asymmetrical, keeping the elongated eye at the bottom when you're using the scissors. This allows you to pass the scissors under a large piece of fabric without the fabric shifting. Thanks to the sharpness of the scissors, you can often 'slice' through the fabric, you won't even need to make a cutting motion! This sharpness also ensures the edge won't get caught behind the fabric and cause it to fray. All products are produced in the Italian knife capital of Maniago. Some years ago, the brand was bought by Fox Cutlery, also located in Maniago. They continued the Due Cigni tradition of producing fine, top-quality kitchen knives and scissors