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Hunting flashlights: to see, but not to be seen

A good hunting flashlight is indispensable and should be a part of your standard gear when you go hunting. Not only to light up your path, but also to get a good look at your prey. A hunting flashlight should, for instance, be enhanced with a red LED light or use red, green or blue filters. Animals, after all, cannot see red light. This makes a flashlight with red light perfect for hunting purposes. In addition, red light won't disturb your night vision as much as white light. Green light reaches further than red light, but can be noticed by game because of the intensity of the light. The blue light beam is perfect when you are looking for game you shot. After all, traces of blood can easily be spotted with blue light. These are, however, only a couple of features that are key for hunting flashlights. We will tell you more!

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