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Amazing rechargeable LED flashlights

LED torches & batteries

NiteCore MH flashlights: amazing rechargeable flashlights

The NiteCore Multitask Hybrid flashlights, also called the NiteCore MH collectionare rechargeable and very useful. From large search lights to remarkably small flashlights that fit in your pocket.

As the name might already suggest this collection resembles the MT Multi-task collection. The big difference, however, can be found in the fact that you can recharge it. In the MH collection you can find rechargeable versions of the MT lights. As such you are able to choose your favourite.

PDOT: Precision Digital Optics Technology

NiteCore is proud of its precise reflectors. They call it the Precision Digital Optics Technology. It means that NiteCore carefully thought about the composition and measurements of its light beams. About the relation between the hotspot, corona and spillfor instance: basically the three components that comprise a beam of light. In addition, with it NiteCore emphasizes that the lens and reflector have been made from the best available materials. And, enhanced with the best coatings. So, it is not merely a simple flashlight.