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Pans & Cookware

Cooking pots for every kitchen

Cooking pots are indispensable in the kitchen. After all, you cannot cook without proper cookware. When you are looking for a sauce pan or cooking pot we have got it all. We stock the best cookware by Le Creuset, Zwilling, Fissler, De Buyer and Demeyere.

Want to buy a saucepan?

Of course we also have the best saucepan for you. A saucepan is ideal when you want to prepare something small. Think of sauces and side-dishes. This pan conveniently has a handle that you can use with one hand while you hold the lid with your other hand.

Heat distribution of cooking pots

A good pan can be recognized by an even distribution of heat. The well-known flour-test can prove this: cover the bottom of a pan with an even layer of flour and put the heat on. A pan with an uneven spread of heat will show different brown circles in the flour. A good pan makes for a fine and even spread of the circle. We have pans for all kinds of heat sources. Pans for cooking on induction, ceramic, gas, halogen en electricity.

Quality pans

A good pan distinguishes itself by having certain qualities. Some series have ‘cold grips’ (also called heat-resistant handles), which don’t become hot when the pan is heated. Also a good pan will not curve when you change heat sources. For example, when you cook on a gas stove for 10 years and your new kitchen has an induction cooking plate. Many pans cannot handle such a transition. Another different outstanding quality of pans are lids that are formed to reduce condensation and help it drip back into the pan. Condensation will never be in the way anymore!