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Condor axes: simply incredibly awesome

Condor has been producing its axes in El Salvador, South America for years. Did you know, however, that Condor started in Solingen, Germany? Today it is one of the largest manufacturers worldwide working hard 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the growing demand for outdoor products. Condor also produces other top-quality products in addition to axes such as bushcraft knives and machetes.

Steel used for the Condor axes

The Condor axes are made from 1060 or 1075 carbon steel. With both types of steel it is key that they are stored in a dry place. They are namely not corrosion resistant. Our tip: clean them after use and occasionally add a couple drops of oil. As such you can enjoy them for years. Fortunately the fact that carbon steel is not corrosion resistant is something a lot of people accept because this type of steel also has a lot of advantages. It is namely fairly easy to keep carbon steel razor-sharp and it won't break as easily as other comparable axes made from stainless steel.