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Estwing axes: full-tang axes from the United States

Estwing has a unique position. After all, the Estwing axes are known in the United States as the world’s first, best, and according to most people, the only massive forged axes. The Estwing axes are different because they are made from one piece of steel, including the handle. The axes are full-tang and finished with a handle made from leather or plastic/rubber to absorb the blows. The Estwing axes are the benchmark for unparalleled quality and finish.

Estwing is known as the world’s first to produce the most stunning collection of massive steel hammers, axes and other tools. With this recognition the company has grown from a one-man company to a leader in its field.

The establishment of Estwing

Estwing was founded in 1923 by Ernest O. Estwing. His idea was to offer the strongest possible construction for tools. In the end the brand became famous because of its hammers made from one piece of steel.  As a result the dangerous loose heads and unnecessary connections became a thing of the past. First the hammers were enhanced with a beautiful laminated leather grip but soon after the exclusive nylon grip was added to the range. This blue grip is the most sustainable grip and it is the perfect addition to Estwing’s beautifully laminated leather grip collection. After over two years of testing, Estwing’s new Shock Reduction Grip was perfected. In the end Estwing also started to apply this same technique to their axes which is how the full-tang axes first saw the light of day.