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Ochsenkopf-axes: synonymous for perfection


The Ochsenkopf axes represent perfection and safety. Ever since its establishment in 1781 by the Fahlefeld brothers, the Remscheid-based factory forged the best steel with the best grind to end up with the highest level of quality. What started out as a small-scale axe manufacturer became a modern company where quality and service come first.

The axe heads are mostly made from robust C60 steel and sharpened to end up with the sharpest results. The axe handles are also made in Germany from a type of wood from selected forestry areas.

Which Ochsenkopf axe will suit me best?

Choosing the right axe depends on the height of the user. A taller and stronger person is better equipped to handle a heavy axe with a long handle than a smaller person. A universal felling axe can be used to cut down trees and to cleave wood. If you want to split wood that is filled with knots it is best to use an, as heavy as possible, splitting axe. Are you only looking for an axe to split simple logs it is best to use a lighter splitting axe with a head shaped like a wedge.

Some of the Ochsenkopf axes are enhanced with a sleeve that protects the handle. This sleeve protects the handle from damage if you miss. But that is not all. Due to the additional weight of approximately 300 grams the head side of the axe is heavier. As such you will have a greater impact force compared to an axe which hasn't been enhanced with a protective sleeve, especially when you use the lighter Spalt-Fix axes.

To hit wedges the Big Ox-splitting axe is perfect. The head of this axe has a large impact surface at the back and the steel sleeve protects the handle from damages underneath the head.

Ochsenkopf axe head: hollow grind

The head on the Ochsenkopf splitting axes are enhanced with a hollow grind. Optically speaking this might not look sharp, but the splitting results are great. Because the cutting surface retains its sharpness a lot longer you don't have to sharpen the head that often. This extends the life of your axe and saves you time and money.
Ochsenkopf axes: Which materials? Ochsenkopf-axes are mostly made from C60-steel. This steel is characterized by its toughness and long life. Only top-quality types of wood are used to produce the handles: hickory and ash wood. These types of wood are tough and won't easily crack. Perfect to absorb blows without breaking.

Maintenance Ochsenkopf axe

The right maintenance extends the life of your axe. For that reason you should always correctly store your tools. A storage place that is too dry will dry out the handle. However, a storage place that is too humid will make the handle swell which could, in time, damage the fibres of the wood. If you are planning to store your axe for a longer period of time it is wise to protect the cutting surface from rust. All you have to do is apply a little bit of oil or fat on the cutting surface. Afterwards protect the edge with, for instance, a sheath and you are good to go.