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Never again those dangling keys

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KeyBar: Stop the noise!

Key-Bar logo

KeyBar is an EDC key organizer that allows you to put together your own key-multi tool. Depeche Mode sang about it in the 1990s: “Enjoy the silence”.

Rattling keys are a thing of the past with a Key-Bar in your pocket. This is the replacement for the old-fashioned key chain for the EDC-enthusiast. A Key-Bar is actually your own DIY key-multitool. You take your keys, place a few spacers and tools, screw the whole thing together and voila: a multi tool with your own keys. Key-Bars are available in different materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon. Each Key-Bar comes with a solid pocket clip so you will never lose it.

Putting together your Key-Bar

Putting together a Key-Bar is something you have to sit down for. Between the keys and tools you place rings to keep the keys apart. When you really pay attention to this, this will benefit in the long run! For instance you can have more keys on one side than the other and the little rings fill the difference out.

Our tip: the Leatherman Brewzer fits great in a Key-Bar!