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Optimus stoves: for outdoor cooking since 1899

Optimus Logo

Optimus gas stoves have a great reputation when it comes to cooking on the road ever since 1899. Optimus produces many different cooking solutions. From stoves for on the campsite to small stoves during hikes. And everything in between. 

As true outdoor enthusiasts the experts at Optimus definitely know wat you need when you want to make dinner in the middle of nowhere. That is why people trust in Optimus during many mountain expeditions and other extreme circumstances.

Dedicated to quality

Optimus has won a number of prizes for its products throughout the years. Innovative designs and top-quality are as a result imprinted in the DNA of this Swedish outdoor brand. After all, on top of a mountain or other remote location a failing stove won’t do you any good. For this reason Optimus does whatever it can to guarantee the best quality.

Optimus makes cooking in extreme circumstances possible

Cooking on gas in extremely cold circumstances is often a challenge. When the temperature drops below -10° to -20° degrees Celsius cooking with propane or isobutane gas won’t work anymore. Fortunately there are Optimus stoves that also work with different fuels. Stoves that even work with fuel, kerosene, diesel or lamp oil, making it possible for you to cook during extreme arctic circumstances or mountain expeditions.