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Rite in the Rain: regardless of the weather

Rite in the Rain logo

Rite in the Rain’s success story began in 1916 with Jerry Darling. He discovered that in the wood industry people were looking for a sustainable material they could write on regardless of the weather.

For this reason Jerry developed a unique coating which serves as a shield protecting the paper. Throughout the years this formula was developed further and perfected, leaving us with the Rite in the Rain products we know today. Currently the range is not only comprised of waterproof notebooks, but also waterproof pens. Pens that will keep working, regardless of the weather.

Rite in the Rain waterproof notebooks

Rite in the rain has made waterproof notebooks in many different sizes and colours. The paper is nearly indestructible and practically doesn’t age. The coating makes sure the paper is waterproof. This means that any writing tools that work with aqueous ink hardly or do not impact the paper at all. Our advice is to combine the notebook with a pencil or all-weather pen. If the coating deteriorates the paper might still get wet. Unlike synthetically or polyester coated paper you can recycle this type of paper. Great when you need to use it underwater, outside when it is wet or in humid surroundings such as swimming pools and greenhouses. Use a pencil or an all-weather pen and you will never lose your notes again!

Rite in the Rain waterproof pens

The all-weather pens made by Rite in the Rain will work regardless of the weather. On wet paper or held upside down, it doesn’t matter. The refill is filled under pressure and will not start to leak. The ink will work whether it is -25 degrees or +120 degrees and it won’t dry out. Combine an all-weather pen with a Rite in the Rain notebook and you will have found a reliable combination which will function regardless of the weather.