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Bushcraft and survival gear: indispensable during emergency situations

What you take with you as you embark upon a new adventure is personal for everyone. Are you going back-to-basic or do you still want to bring some gear to make the journey a little more comfortable? Should your equipment be light-weight or are weight and size not an issue? No matter what you need, we have everything for the perfect gear.

Preparation is key when you go out into the world. Not only will the right tools make your journey a lot more comfortable, you also think of your own safety. Take, for instance, a survival kit with you filled with essential items such as a firesteel, water filter, compass, paracord and many more things you might need during an emergency situation.

Bushcraft and survival are very similar. It is therefore obvious that these two terms are used interchangeably. However, we believe there is a clear difference between the two. After all, bushcraft means going into nature feeling confident that it will give you whatever you might need. It is a way of life that enables you to choose whether you bring a backpack or not. Survival, simply-put, means coming out alive. Survival means staying alive as long as possible using only the bare minimum. Some things you cannot prepare for, but you can make sure that with the right education, knowledge and gear you don’t need to end up in an emergency situation.


Survival means ending up in a situation you would rather not have found yourself in. You could, for instance, get lost while hiking in the mountains. During a survival trip you try to survive by only the bare minimum and what nature has to offer you. Today survival trips are organized on a daily basis and, fortunately, you can always voluntarily go out on your own. It doesn’t matter how you ‘survive’ make sure you always bring a survival kit.


Bushcraft is knowing about nature and using it optimally and responsibly for sustenance. Today this is no longer really an issue but it used to be the core of our existence. Today bushcraft is a way of life in, of and with nature and it is becoming more and more popular. Buscraft consists of a wide range of skills that you can learn. With these skills you can respectfully relax in nature.