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Gas stoves for any adventurer

Gas stoves are compact and easy to use. For this reason they are often used by campers, mountaineers and backpackers. You click on or screw the gas tank underneath the stove, open the gas tap, light the flame and you are ready to cook.

When purchasing a gas stove different factors should be taken into consideration. Are you cooking for small or big groups? What type of fuel should the stove work with and what type of fuel is available at your destination? And should the stove fit inside your backpack or will you take it with you in your camper or car? Gas stoves come in many shapes and sizes. From luxurious duo-stoves to simple single burner stoves you can directly click onto the gas can. Depending on the way you travel and the destination you determine which stove is best for you.

Stoves with a fixed burner or collapsible pot support systems

There are stoves with a fixed burner or stoves with collapsible pot support systems. Anyone who doesn’t have to pay attention to weight or space should go with the fixed burner. If you do, however, pay attention to weight and volume you should go with the light-weight stove with collapsible pot support system.

Stove with or without pipe

Stoves without a pipe are mounted to the gas can. This makes the stoves very compact and easy to store, and they don’t affect the total weight of your equipment. What you should pay attention to, however, is that you place the gas can on a flat surface. Because the gas can is located underneath the stove you cook above ground. As such the set-up could be a little unstable. For this reason a flat surface is a must.

Gas stoves with a pipe are a little more stable because you place the stove next to the gas tank on the ground. However, these stoves do take up a little more room because of the pipe.

Disposable cartridges

If you purchase a stove without a thread you will use disposable cartridges. When you do you need to leave the stove on top of the can until the gas has run out. After all, these cans do not seal themselves off. The gas cans with thread can be properly closed making it possible for you to individually transport the stove and the gas can.

Gas stove or multi-fuel stove?

There are stoves that only work on gas and stoves that work on gas and liquid fuels (such as fuel, diesel or kerosene). Gas containers cannot be transported via air and in some countries it can be really difficult to find the right gas tank. That is when a multi-fuel stove can come in handy. A multi-fuel stove is also great when you are dealing with extremely low temperatures. When the temperature drops far below zero, the pressure in the gas container will drop as well. This limits the gas efficiency. In that case a stove that works with other types of fuel as well will be a great choice.

Gas stove with igniter

Most stoves have been enhanced with a spark igniter. This igniter enables you to light the pilot flame with the push of a button. When you choose a gas stove without the piezo ignition, you can use an individual lighter to light the stove.

Please note: fuel is not included with any of our stoves.