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Silky saws!

Silky logo

Japanese Um Kogyo Inc has been making Silky saws since 1919. There’s a suitable Silky saw for almost everyone.

For gardeners, carpenters to people who love bushcrafting. You can use these saws in many different places, so you do have to keep in mind you need a somewhat different approach per situation. With wet and soft wood you need coarse serrations, while dry and hard need a fine serration.

Silky Pocketboy saws

Silky are known for their folding saws. These fold like a pocket knife. This makes the Silky Pocketboy saws ideal for bushcrafters. You can easily carry it with you inside a backpack and have it available when needed. In the open position the saw blade locks so it won’t close during use. The Silky Bigboy is the largest folding saw on the market with a length of 76 centimetres. It weighs only 430 grams which make it pretty lightweight and portable for such a big saw!

Silky saw use

A Silky saw blade is generally a lot harder than that of conventional gardening saws. As a result, you need to take care of it a bit more. When you take care of it you will notice it can saw like a charm! Experience the convenience of a Japanese whipsaw! The USA: the land of constant renewal and innovation. Progressive products that people eagerly anticipate. In addition to being groundbreaking, these products are also very functional as well. The US is leading in tactical products. Hefty and sturdy knives ready for hard work! Or indestructible torches with great features. It’s not without reason that these American products are popular worldwide.