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Silky Tsurugi: precise pull saws

The Silky Tsurugi collection contains light-weight saws that have the same aggressive power as ‘large’ saws. The perfect combination! Silky was able to produce a collection of unique pull saws that enable you to saw very precisely. And all of that without having to compromise when it comes to cutting power. The saws from the Tsurugi collection are perfectly balanced and named after an ancient Japanese double-edged sword. Narrow and elegant, but very effective!

Work with surgical precision

With a Tsurugi saw you work with surgical precision in the most densely vegetated corners, without damaging surrounding branches. These saws are also perfect for removing problematic branches such as intersecting branches. The saws have razor-sharp teeth that leave you with a smooth cut. There are straight and curved versions of these saws.

About Silky

Silky saws have been produced by Um Kogyo Inc. in Japan ever since 1919. There is a perfect Silky saw for almost any purpose. From arborist to carpenter or bushcrafter. After all, different purposes sometimes ask for a different approach. Fresh and soft wood is cut with coarse serrations, while for dry and hard wood it is best to use fine serrations.