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Children's chef's knives: for the young chef in the making

Involve your children when you're cooking. It's as fun as it is educational! These children's chef's knives were specifically designed for children, to make sure they can safely help you cook. Children's chef's knives are enhanced with a blunt tip. This considerably reduces the risk of injuries. The small yet wide handles are also specifically designed for children's hands. Some children's chef's knives are even enhanced with a finger guard. It ensures that a child's hand won't get close to the sharp edge, which keeps their fingers safe!

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How do you choose the best chef's knife for children?

All chef's knives for children are suitable for little chefs. Otherwise we would not include them in our range. An important consideration is how many chef's knives you'll need for your children. It can be fun to get everyone their own colour of knife. That way each child can have their very own chef's knife! This can prevent disagreements.

Some children's chef's knives are also available with additional accessories. For example, an extra finger guard that allows children to learn proper cutting technique right away. But some series include peelers too, in the same colours.

It is important that a children's chef's knife is really sharp. This may seem counterintuitive, but blunt knives are actually more dangerous because you're applying a lot more force. And that's when the accidents happen. Therefore, always make sure your children's knives are properly sharp.

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