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Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus: light-weight and razor-sharp kitchen knives.

Meet the 45-Layer Damascus series of Sakai Takayuki. Classic Japanese kitchen knives with a damast-steel blade and a wooden handle. Made by hand and sharpened in Sakai. Razor-sharp, light as a feather and very stylish.

Damast-steel blade with hammered top

The blade’s kitchen knives from the series are comprised of a core of Swedish steel. The damast-steel layers are folded around the core. The top of each blade is hammered, also called ‘tsuchime’. A beautifully designed combination, which in addition has a functional property: thanks to the hammered top, the chance of food sticking to the blade is significantly reduced.

Two different types of wood handles

The 45-Layer Damascus series consists of two different 'lines': one with magnolia handles and one with walnut handles. The latter is also called the 45-Layer Damascus WA. The handle has the traditional Japanese octagonal shape. For centuries this handle shape has been used and with good reason. It fits comfortably in your hand and the grip is excellent, even if the handle is wet.

Razor-sharp and feather light

As is usual within Japanese tradition, each knife is hand-cut and finished with a razor-sharp blade. The blade retains its sharp cut for a long time mostly due to the relatively high hardness of 60 HRC. Thanks to the narrow blade and the walnut handle every knife is also very light. Easy to handle for the best cutting results!