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Kitchen knives & cutting

Sujihiki: effortlessly cut fish and meat

The sujihiki is the double-sided grind alternative for a Yanagiba. With the long blade of a sujihiki you can effortlessly cut wafer-thin, straight slices of meat and fish. The needle-like shape makes it perfect to reach underneath the fat to remove unwanted fat or connective tissue of larger pieces of meat such as ribeye or pork loin. You can also easily use this knife to fillet fish. Do, however, keep in mind that this knife is not very fond of bones!

Maintenance sujihiki

The right use and maintenance is very important for this type of kitchen knife. The edge is namely very thin and hard. If you don't use it right you could damage it. Only use the knife on a wooden or soft plastic cutting board. Every sideways movement needs to be avoided. So prying, rocking and chopping is out of the question! You also need to stay very far away from bones and frozen food.

Sujihiki or yanagiba

The combination of the cutting technique and the razor-sharp edge results in very little damage to the cutting surface. This is mainly important for dishes that include raw fish because it helps maintain the original flavour and texture of the fish. If you fillet fish or meat often the sujihiki is the perfect knife. However, if you only work with fish, for instance, to prepare sushi or sashimi, you should check out the yanagiba knives.