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Knives with a blade made from damasteel radiate class and taste. But what is damasteel? Damasteel is a combination of two types of steel of which multiple layers are stacked alternately. This leaves you with mysterious and unique patterns. Exactly what makes each knife so special! We sell damast pocket knives and damast kitchen knives. The amount of layers of damast varies, but the similarity is clear: these knives are all stunning.

Damasteel in the twenty-first century

Originally damasteel was used because there weren't any modern alloys yet. Back then damast was a great solution to produce a great blade that was hard and sharp, and strong and flexible at the same time. Today damasteel is mainly decorative, and functionally speaking not strictly necessary. Even though today there are still blades where a core of hard steel is laminated in between two layers of softer steel to make the core stronger. The two outer layers around this type of core are sometimes also made from damasteel. The possibilities are basically endless. The only limitation here lies in the imagination of the blacksmith.

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