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Paracord 1000 ft: if you are looking for a whole lot of paracord

If you are looking for a lot of paracord it is best if you go with a 1000 ft bundle. 1000 ft equals 304.8 meters. We offer 1000 ft bundles on a roll. A roll enables you to keep your paracord tidy, without it getting messed up. As such you will always have a nice amount of paracord at home. Each time you need a piece you determine the length and cut it off. It is, however, a good idea to melt the ends to make sure they don’t fray. So if you prefer to have a lot of paracord around 1000 ft will be the perfect solution.

Knivesandtools paracord 1000 ft

In our range you can also find 1000 ft bundles from our own brand: Knivesandtools paracord which is exclusively sold in the Knivesandtools web shops. We sell different sizes, amongst which also the 1000 ft bundle. Did you know that U.S. Made paracord is incredibly affordable at Knivesandtools? We purchase our paracord directly from a U.S. Government Contractor which means you benefit from great prices. Purchase a bundle of paracord 1000 ft today!