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Paracord 550: light-weight and rock-solid

Paracord 550 - also called Paracord 550 Type III - is incredibly popular. Not that surprising because it is strong, sustainable and reliable. Paracord was originally developed for the paratroopers working for the American army. Today it is an indispensable tool for every outdoor enthusiast. It is up to you to decide if you go with an individual bundle, with a roll, or a bracelet or lanyard.

Paracord 550: what is it?

Paracord 550 is a light-weight cord with a nylon casing and a core comprised of seven strands with a diameter of approximately 4 mm. The number 550 in the name represents the tractive force of 550 pounds (approximately 250 kg). If the paracord is too thick and the maximum tractive force not necessary, it is possible to remove this core. The thin strands from the core are said to also be used as suture material in case of an emergency.

Paracord 550: Type III vs. Mil-Spec

If you research paracord you quickly learn that there are two types of paracord 550: Type III and Mil-Spec. Paracord Type III is the standard 550 paracord. Mil-Spec is paracord 550, and adheres to the set military standards. It is mostly used by soldiers and police units. The whole is a little more tightly bound than normal paracord, but also more flexible in use.

Knivesandtools paracord: American quality for a low price

We had our own paracord developed: Knivesandtools Paracord. Did you know that you can purchase incredibly affordable U.S. Made paracord at Knivesandtools? We purchase our paracord directly from a U.S. Government Contractor which means you benefit from great prices.