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The best pull saws: always efficient!

With a pull saw quickly sawing wood becomes child’s play. A pull saw works slightly different from a conventional wood saw. As the name might suggest it saws with a pulling motion. As a result a pull saw is thinner than a regular saw. 

fter all, it needs less thickness to stay strong during the pushing sawing motion. In addition, it is easier to prune trees and bushes with a pull saw. Simply because working above your head is a little easier when you use a pull saw.

Japanese Silky pull saws

When you discuss Japanese pull saws you often come across the name Silky. After all, Silky makes top-quality Japanese saws. You have to experience it yourself to notice how quickly you can work with a Silky saw. The grind on the teeth is key. Silky has mastered this like no other. And is your Silky saw blunt? Don’t worry, you can almost always find a replacement saw blade.