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Woodworking saws: each project completed to perfection

Using a good saw is always a good idea. You work a lot faster, more even and it takes a lot less energy to get the job done. In addition, your project will look even better if you use the right saw. And, if you use it properly you often don’t even have to sand the wood afterwards. Yes, that is a clear win-win situation! 

Japanese woodworking saws 

Our range contains many different models of Japanese wood saws from brands such as Silky. These saws leave you with a wonderfully neat cut and come in many different lengths and are enhanced with different serrations. Here you will also find the so-called ‘Ryoba’ wood saws. You recognize them from their broader saw blade. These saws are enhanced with serrations on both sides. The side with the coarse serrations is perfect for cutting wood, while you use the other side to sculpt. As such you don’t have to switch blades. Perfect for every project.