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Compact survival knives | All compact survival knives lined up!

A compact survival knife is great as a back-up knife, or during hikes. It won't take up as much room and is often a lot lighter than a large survival knife. At the same time you also really shouldn't underestimate a compact survival knife. With the right techniques you can do a lot with a small knife in a survival situation. After all, it is not about the size, it is about what you do with it...

How compact is a compact survival knife?

As a limit we selected knives with a blade up to 9.0 cm. For some this might still be too large, but in the survival world it will definitely be a compact companion. Many knives you also come across below the 9.0 cm range are knives you can use as a neck knife. A perfect place where it won't get in your way. Does this mean that a compact survival knife isn't as strong? Not at all! The list, however, could also include knives that are meant for light-weight use. More as a back-up than a primary survival knife.