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Leatherman Charge Plus multi-tools: premium multi-tools for demanding users

The Leatherman Charge Plus collection is a collection of premium multi-tools that excel when it comes to features and looks. These multi-tools are enhanced with many practical tools. So many even the Leatherman Charge+ almost replaces your trusted toolbox. The Leatherman Charge Plus is namely enhanced with no less than 19 tools! Great on the campsite, during DIY tasks, in your car or bicycle pannier, or during work.

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Features of the Leatherman Charge Plus multi-tools

Essentially, the Leatherman Charge Plus looks a lot like a Leatherman Wave Plus. Important differences are the scope of delivery and the cutting hook. The Leatherman Charge Plus, for instance, comes with a set of bits and a pocket clip. So, a little more carrying options than with other Leatherman tools. Those extra bits also come in handy in everyday life: in addition to the standard Philips head-flat-bit, you will also have a couple sizes of Allen, torx and more sizes of Philips head and flat bits.

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi

A Leatherman Charge Plus is already a great multi-tool. But it can even be better: the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi! This premium multi-tool features titanium scales. A rock-solid material, slightly lighter than steel scales. In addition, the handle of the Leatherman Charge TTi provides you with a little more grip than the smooth scales of some other Leatherman tools. The main advantage of the TTi is probably the smooth blade: it is made from CPM S30V steel. A premium type of powder steel which retains its sharpness significantly longer than the steel used for other Leatherman multi-tools.

Leatherman warranty: 25 years

A multi-tool needs to work. That is what Leatherman stands for. Besides making solid tools Leatherman gives a 25-year warranty on product and material errors.

Make the most of your Leatherman Charge

The Leatherman Charge is a popular, premium multi-tool. But how do you make the most of your multi-tool? Have you found the hidden tool yet? We will tell you more.