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Morakniv wood-carving knives: for creative people

Morakniv wood carving knives are based on the old Swedish tradition of wood carving. There's a suitable knife for everyone: left-handers, right-handers and even children. Looking for a wood splitter instead? Those knives can also be found in Morakniv's range.

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Features of Morakniv wood-carving knives

The secret of the Morakniv wood-carving knives can be found in the blades. These are made from laminated steel. A core of hard steel that retains its sharpness, flanked by two layers of softer steel for solidity. And all that at amazingly low prices! What more could you possibly ask for?

Morakniv wood-carving knife: blade

The term laminated steel tells you nothing about steel type, only about the way in which the blade was made. Laminated steel means the blade is made up of layers of different steel types, often a mix of carbon steel and stainless 12C27 steel. The main advantage of carbon steel is that it's very tough and razor-sharp. However, carbon steel is not completely corrosion resistant and will create a patina in time. That is why you should always store the knife only after it has been cleaned and dried. Its pointed shape enables you to carry out many different tasks. The advantage of stainless steel is that it's easier to sharpen and corrosion resistant. As a result, stainless-steel blades are easy to maintain.

When choosing a wood-carving knife, make sure to closely inspect the blade. Many of these knives are available with either a single-sided grind or a double-sided grind. Single-sided grinds are usually suitable for either left-handed use or right-handed use, not both.

Morakniv wood-carving knife: handle

The handle is made from polypropylene. The round shape enables you to carry out tasks you wouldn't be able to carry out with a normal knife. The comfortable handle gives you perfect control over the blade to make even the most intricate carvings.

Morakniv wood-carving knife: sheath

You can carry the knife on your belt in the simple plastic sheath. Prefer to put it in your bag? You can easily remove the belt loop!