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Pocket knives & Multi-tools

Spyderco Lightweight knives: for anyone who pays attention to every gram

The Spyderco Lightweight collection is a popular EDC collection. Because the knives weigh next to nothing you hardly notice that you are even carrying one in your pocket. As such your equipment will never be too heavy and you will always have a great tool close.

Spyderco FRN scales

To make sure the weight is as low as can be Spyderco used FRN for the handle: fibre reinforced nylon. FRN is a glass-fibre reinforced plastic. It is comprised of glass fibres that are drenched in polyester resin. It makes the material very strong, but also very light. The result is also that you often don't need steel liners to construct the knife.

FRN lasts a lifetime and excels regardless of the weather. In the winter FRN doesn't cool down, and in the summer it doesn't heat up. As such the knife will always feel great in hand. The scales from the lightweight collection are often enhanced with a texture. As such you will always have enough grip over the handle. Even in the pouring rain.