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Opinel 125 year anniversary

Opinel pocket knives and kitchen knives are well-known for years. People around the world have been relying for 125 years on the simplicity and quality Opinel stands for. Better value for money is hard to find.

History of Opinel

The history of Opinel began 125 years ago in Albiez-le-Vieux, a small village in the French Alps. Here Joseph Opinel worked with his father who was a blacksmith. He designed and built a small pocket knife especially for farmers and villagers. This knife became very popular very quickly. Not long after the introduction Joseph Opinel started his own workshop and created machines to quickly produce in large numbers. In 1897 he chose to add the famous hand and crown logo. At the same time he also launched his first series Pocket knives from No. 1 to 12.

Opinel as an icon

In 1915, during the first world war, Joseph moved to Cognin, near the city of Chambéry in the Savoy region. His sons Marcel and Leon also worked in the family business. In 1955 Marcel created the Virobloc. A rotating part around the hinge can turn so the blade locks tightly when opened or closed.

Opinel continued to grow in the years after. The export increased enormously and the Opinel knife is known worldwide as THE French army knife. With the introduction of a number kitchen knives and a collection of table knives, Opinel is now a well-known fixture in the kitchen as well.