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Pocket Knives & Multitools

Victorinox Alox Swiss pocket knives

The Victorinox Alox collection is one of the most popular collections introduced by the Swiss pocket knife giant Victorinox. These models have been enhanced with silver-coloured or coloured handles made from Alox: aluminium. These handles are punched out of aluminium after which a technique called ‘anodic oxidation’ is applied to enhance the aluminium with a protective layer. This layer makes the handle extra resistant to rust and wear and tear.

These Alox handles are not only very pretty, and light-weight, they also supply you with additional grip because of the intriguing ridged pattern. Because of this finish the Alox won’t easily slip from your hands when you use it. Incredibly practical as these Swiss pocket knives are relatively slim and made to be used!

Victorinox Alox Limited Edition knives

Each year Victorinox produces multiple limited edition knives with coloured Alox handles. These limited edition pocket knives are not only enhanced with a stunning colour, they are also very collectable. After all, after a year these knives are no longer produced. This turns these limited edition knives into real collector’s items!

Victorinox Alox knives: Swiss quality combined with stunning design

In short, the Victorinox Alox knives are the perfect combination of function and design. It is therefore not surprising that these Alox models are used by soldiers all over the world. An Alox will never leave you hanging! Want to be sure you choose the right model that will suit you best? Why not check out the buyers-guide ‘Which Victorinox pocket knife will suit me best?’