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Boning knives

A boning knife is used to remove meat from bones. It is also very suitable to remove the skin, sinews and fat from the meat. 

Blade of a boning knife

The blade of a boning knife is 14 to 16 cm long it is very thin and flexible which makes it very manoeuvrable and enables you to accurately cut between meat and bones. The blade has a smooth edge and a sharp point.

Boning knife looks like a filleting knife

A boning knife looks a lot like a filleting knife. They often are used alternating. A boning knife could be slightly less flexible than a filleting knife. The blade sometimes has a different shape too. A boning knife often is slightly curved. 


Boning knife vs Filleting knife: what are the differences?

A boning knife looks a lot like a filleting knife and vice versa. The names are often also used interchangeably. They are, however, different knives. We will tell you what the differences are!