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Felling axes: effortlessly felling trees

You use a felling axe to chop down trees. Efficiently transferring the blow and using this blow to properly cut through the wood is key. If the head of the felling axe is too thick you won’t be able to get through the wood. If it is too thin it won’t be strong enough. For this reason a good felling axe offers you the perfect balance between ergonomics and ‘cutting’ force.

The best felling axes

Here you will find the best felling axes from brands such as Fiskars and Hultafors who wish to carry on the Scandinavian axe tradition. But also the exclusive hand-forged felling axes made by Autine can be found here.

Chopping like a pro

For centuries axes are used for many different tasks. It is an amazing tool, but also dangerous. It is therefore important to know how you need to use it. This is not only good to stay safe, with the right technique you can also efficiently get to work! It will save you time and energy. In our how to's you can read all about axes.

Take good care of your axe

In addition to using it properly, maintenance is key. First of all you need to take good care of the handle. Is the handle of your axe made from rubber or plastic? If so, your handle doesn't need a lot of maintenance. A wooden handle, however, does require a little more TLC. You can read all about how to maintain an axe in our topic about axe maintenance. Also make sure you sharpen your axe on a regular basis. How? Read all about it in our how to on how to sharpen an axe.