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Stockman pocket knives: versatile pocket knives with multiple blades

Stockman knives were originally used by livestock breeders who used this knife for many different tasks on and around the farm. Today it is impossible to imagine the category of Traditionals without the Stockman in it.

A Stockman pocket knife has often been enhanced with three blades, but sometimes also with one or two, or even four or five. A Stockman is, practically always, enhanced with a Spey blade, a type of blunt spearpoint, specifically made to skin game or for other cutting jobs that have something to do with meat. For instance, in the past this knife was often used to castrate livestock. Other blade types you often find on a Stockman are the wharncliffe/sheepsfoot and the famous clippoint as main blade. You recognize the handle from its curvy shape and the bolsters which are slightly tapered towards the end of the handle.