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Todd Begg Steelcraft knives: eccentric designs, absolute excellence

Todd Begg Steelcraft Logo

The Todd Begg Steelcraft knives are all designed by knife maker Todd Begg, a man who has many years of experience as a custom knife maker. His personal custom knives will cost you at least $1000, but often (much) more than that.

Fortunately, with the Steelcraft-series he has made his designs accessible to a wider audience. However, the challenge with these types of projects is ensuring the quality, which is why Begg searched far and wide for a manufacturer who could work at the same top level Begg is known for. In addition, the manufacturer had to have an open mind in terms of Begg’s input in the production process. In the end Begg found David Deng of Reate Knives. David understood what Begg was asking for and soon Todd Begg started training the people at Reate to carry out certain modifications just right. The result is the Todd Begg Steelcraft-series: the amazing designs by Todd Begg, combined with the impeccable quality of Reate. What more could you ask for?

Who is knife maker Todd Begg?

Todd Begg created his first knife when he was twelve years old. With instructions from an old magazine and an old file as his basis he started his work. The result was coarse and rough, but it was a tool he could use and it was indeed a knife. From that moment on Begg knew he wanted to make knives the rest of his life. For years he created knives as the result of his passion. High-end, custom pocket knives. In addition, for years Begg participated in Blade sports, a sport where one is asked to perform several chopping and cutting tasks with a machete or knife within a certain amount of time. This sport helped Begg gain more experience in terms of geometry, types of steel and their heat treatment. Eccentric designs with remarkable materials, and an amazing amount of attention paid to the details. Those are the features that will help you recognize a Begg-design. With the Steelcraft-series you get those distinct designs, for a fair price.